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Elon Musk surprises Twitter users by replacing the iconic blue bird logo with an image of a dog, which he had previously used in a meme about cryptocurrency.

Musk confirms the change via tweet and shares an image of the dog sitting in the driver’s seat of a car with a license showing the old Twitter logo. This change was already hinted at by Musk in a previous tweet featuring the dog sitting in the Twitter CEO’s chair.

Initially, there was speculation among Twitter users that the change in the logo may have been the result of a hack. However, Elon Musk quickly put these rumors to rest with a tweet confirming that he was responsible for the change.

Musk had already announced the change Signal.

Last February , Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of the dog being associated with Twitter when he tweeted a photo of the same dog.The photo shared by Elon Musk in February showed the dog sitting on the Twitter CEO’s chair with a paper on the table in front of it bearing the name ‘Floki’ and the title ‘CEO’.

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