Missed Call Alert (MCA) Service

ntc missed call alert

MCA illuminates clients pretty much every one of the calls that are missed while being away from the organization i.e Busy, Switched Off, or Unreachable. Until further notice, MCA Service is FREE to the clients and is in repeating Mode, which implies clients don’t need to re-buy in this valuable assistance over and over.

1. What is the MCA Service?

MCA (Missed Call Alert) is a help that gives you the data about the calls that you miss when your telephone is turned off, occupied or inaccessible.

2. How to buy in and withdraw from MCA Service?

There are two different ways to buy in/withdraw MCA administration, Viz. USSD or SMS techniques.

•           Using USSD code *1400#

Dial *1400# and select the necessary choice (1, 2, or 3) out of the menu shown. The menu will show up as given beneath:

1) Subscribe MCA

2) Unsubscribe MCA

3) Query MCA Status

•           Using SMS Keyword

a. Membership: Type sub mca and send SMS to 1400

b. Unsubscription: Type unsub mca and send SMS to 1400

c. Status: Type status and send SMS to 1400

·                  Using the Nepal Telecom APP: Download from android and iOS store. Register to the application if you are a first time user. After registration, go to the “VAS” menu where you can subscribe, unsubscribe, and check its status of MCA service. For more detail, please visit: https://www.ntc.net.np/post/mobile-app

3. How to check my present MCA status?

If it’s not too much trouble, dial *1400# and select choice 3 or you can type status and send SMS to 1400 to know your MCA status. It shows whether you are bought in or withdrawn and the legitimacy period if currently bought in.

4. What is the expense of this assistance?

This help is FREE of Cost to the clients.

5. Is this help auto-restored?

Indeed, this help is auto-restoration and you don’t need to resubscribe it once more.

6. How to re-buy in MCA administration when I stop it?

You need to type sub mca and send SMS to 1400 again or you need to dial *1400*1#.

7. Is this MCA administration accessible when I am on meandering?

Indeed. This help is accessible to you when you are at meandering and associated with the accomplice organization.

8. How would I realize that I have Missed Called Alert?

On the off chance that you miss any call, you will get SMS from ‘MissedCall’ in the organization given beneath:

“You have missed call from 984XXXXXXX(number) at 2021-05-29 00:00:01”.

where the number addresses the absolute call endeavors to your versatile number from a similar client.

9. Where do I illuminate in the event that I disapprove of MCA Service?

Kindly call 1498 in the event that you have any issues with MCA. 

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